Say STOP to SEO Nightmares!
Monitor in 1min all your optimizations

Be notified by email very quickly
as soon as a change is detected

If someone changes now a tag, your robots.txt, a URL, a backlink...
How will you know? Are you going to wait until you lose positions, traffic & money

Secure my SEO

Onsite & Backlinks SEO anti regression software

Just add yours URL & Backlinks to monitor and our robot will check everything for you.
If it detects a change you will receive an email so you can correct it right away.

It is simply essential as soon as you receive traffic via search engines.

Say goodbye to modified tags, deleted content, staging environment that becomes indexable, lost backlinks & all SEO regressions...

Sleep on your 2 ears with Oseox.

How does it work?

Enter yours URL & Backlinks and that's ALL! Our robot will automatically monitor all SEO criteria (TITLE, headers, meta...).

Indicate which pages generate the most traffic SEO, your best backlinks, your competitors and your pre-prod!

Manual non-regression tests (or via a crawler) are prehistoric.

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Have you ever had this type of problem?

noindex, canonical or robots.txt badly configured ?, URL, deleted backlink, tag or content ? server crash, hacked site, modified H1 or TITLE tag ?

With Oseox, it's over. Every 3 minutes, every hour or every day, our robot crawls and checks that nothing moves. A modification? An email. Sleep on your 2 ears.

Here are a few examples of items that have been verified: HTTP Statuts, robots.txt, Backlinks, meta robots, H1, X-ROBOTS TAGS, H1, meta Description, Backlinks, Hreflang, redirection, appearance or disappearance of any string of characters..

Oseox is already used by the biggest French e-commerce sites and the best SEO agencies. Why not activate your SEO monitoring now?

We take care of them

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