Automated Testing for SEO: EVERY HOUR!

Imagine if someone deletes a page that ranks, adds Disallow: / in the robots.txt, changes your TITLE tags, replaces your H1 with an H3, changes your SEO texts...


Every hour, monitor all the SEO criteria of your most important URLs and make sure nothing changes.

Rob, the Oseox ALERTING robot connects to your URLs every hour (1H), compares all the SEO criteria (TITLE, META DESCRIPTION...) and sends you an email if he spots a change.

For example, Rob can automatically check for you:

  • HTTP header
  • Change in robots.txt
  • TITLE tag
  • Meta Canonical
  • H1 tag
  • Meta robots
  • X-ROBOTS TAGS header
  • Canonical Header
  • Description meta tag
  • Tags and contents: appearance or disappearance of any string of characters.
  • Hreflang
  • Etc...

How to setup Oseox ALERTING?

Alerting SEO: Automated Testing & Monitoring HTTP,  Domain & SSL


1) Export all URLs that rank in top 3 (or top 10) via GSC, Analytics, Semrush...

Make sure you have a URL for each template (product, category, etc.)

2) Import via copy/paste or text file the URLs

3) Sleep on your 2 ears and say : STOP to SEO nightmares

4) Every hour, receive email alerts

Ps : You can monitor if you want to receive alerts quickly in order to understand the alerts

Rob crawls each URL up to 24 times a day. That's intense! So you should only monitor the URLs that are really critical for your SEO.

Use Oseox MONITORING instead of Oseox ALTERTING to monitor a larger number of URLs only once a day.

For each alert, you have access to the HTML source code as well as the HTTP headers so that you can check for yourself what your server has sent to Rob.

Why use Oseox ALERTING?

If at the moment you're reading this someone changes a URL a canonical, your robots.txt ... Who will realize and warn you immediately?

Are you really going to wait to notice your loss of traffic before reacting?

Oseox ALTERTING allows you to be warned very quickly in case of SEO regression.

What is the difference with Oseox MONITORING ?

Oseox ALTERTING does exactly the same as Oseox MONITORING but each hour because sometime you need ultra fast notification.Who wants to wait 24 hours after a major site redesign to discover errors?


$19.90 /Month
What's included
  • LINK : 100 URL
  • SITEMAP : 10 000 URL
  • HTTP : 1 000 URL
  • PING : 5 URL
  • DOMAIN : Included


$49.90 /Month
What's included
  • ALERTING : 1 000 URL
  • MONITORING : 5 000 URL
  • LINK : 1 000 URL
  • SITEMAP : 100 000 URL
  • HTTP : 50 000 URL
  • PING : 25 URL
  • DOMAIN : Included


$169.90 /Month
What's included
  • ALERTING : 5 000 URL
  • MONITORING : 50 000 URL
  • LINK : 5 000 URL
  • SITEMAP : 200 000 URL
  • HTTP : 200 000 URL
  • PING : 50 URL
  • DOMAIN : Included

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