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Receive your technical SEO TODO, optimization ideas, all important SEO data & analyze crawl history.


Every month (and on demand), crawl your sites and receive practical & easy-to-use reports with all the errors to correct & opportunities to exploit. Download all crawl data in 1 click. Go back in time with crawl history.

Oseox SENTINEL is an SEO crawler (SAAS).

All you have to do is add your sites and our robot will crawl them every month (or whenever you want).

Rob, the Oseox SENTINEL robot will crawl your site's URLs for a maximum of 24 hours (and a maximum of 100K URLs per site per crawl).

As soon as the site crawl is complete (very fast for small sites), Rob will create a crawl report in a Google Sheet containing multiple tabs (404, 301, duplicate TITLE tags...).

You will receive an email notifying you that the report is available, with a direct link to access it.

You can also download all your SEO crawl data in CSV format in just 1 click, as well as an easy-to-use report in XLS format & visualise the data in the form of attractive graphs.

Oseox SENTINEL : seo crawler


1) Add the sites to be crawled

2) Wait for the crawl and the generation of an XLS/CSV report (from a few minutes to 24H max)

3) Consult the report online and download all the data in 1 click.

4) Don't worry, the crawl will be executed automatically every month.



Check your site's technical health & find optimization opportunities

The report generated by SENTINEL (online spreadsheet) will contain several tabs.

Each tab lists a specific item of interest to SEO

  • TITLE tags: Too long, too short, duplicated & empty
    Meta DESCRIPTION: Too long, too short, duplicated & empty
    H1 : Too long, too short, duplicated & empty
    404 + URL where to intervene to correct (inlinks)
    301 + URL where to intervene to correct (inlinks)
    302 + URL where to intervene to correct (inlinks)
    Canonicalized URL: URL whose meta canonical tag does not match the crawled URL
    Non-indexable URLs: All non-indexable or non-crawlable URLs & the reason for this status

New tabs are added regularly. You can also download this report in XLS format.

Recurring crawls and email notification

  • You'll receive an email as soon as a report is available
  • For each site, you can define different recipients
  • The crawl, report & notification will be performed every month. All you have to do is add your sites once & nothing else

Report SETUP

The idea behind SENTINEL is to save you as much time as possible.

Multiple configuration options are available to obtain the perfect crawl report directly:

  • Choice of tabs to generate (if you're not interested in H1s, just uncheck the box)
  • Customize header lines: Cell background color & font color
  • Choice files name (with access to variables)
  • Define yourself what is a long TITLE or a short meta Description...

New customization options are regularly added.

What can I do with the SENTINEL crawl report?

Your SEO TODO is directly indicated in the email.

However, if you're not an SEO, it's highly recommended that you seek the help of a specialist.


How to optimize your visibility? 


  • Correct 404 errors. The second column shows you the URL where you should modify your content to stop directing search engines to 404 resources. The robots should only see URL in HTTP 200. 
  • Correct 301/302 errors. The second column shows you the URL where you must  modify your content to stop directing search engines to resources in 301/302. The robots should only see URL in HTTP 200.
  • Optimize your TITLE tags (too short,long and/or empty). Increase the size of TITLE tags with new keywords. Ideally between 30 and 60 characters. Each TITLE tag of indexable pages must be different. Beware: modifying the TITLE tag of a page that ranks in the top 10 is risky.
  • Optimize your duplicate TITLE tags. Each TITLE tag of indexable pages must be different
  • Customize your Meta Description tags. Each meta description tag of indexable pages must be different. Make people want to click.
  • Optimize Meta Description too short or empty. Each meta Description tag of indexable pages must be long enough to occupy 2 lines in the search engine results pages: 120 characters. Make people want to click.
  • Reduce the size of Meta Description too long. No one will be able to read the whole text of too long Meta Description. Optimize the length to be between 120 and 155 characters.
  • Canonicalized  URL & Non-indexable URL. Check non-indexable URL to make sure your important URLs are still indexable.

This list of actions represents the SEO basics to be carried out each month.

How many sites and URLs will be crawled automatically each month?

Each pack corresponds to a limit of sites that will be crawled automatically each month.

In addition, you can launch crawls manually if necessary, via a monthly credit system included in your pack.

Each SENTINEL will crawl a maximum of 100K sites in 24H. 

Each site is crawled one after the other.

Note that you can delete a site at any time to add another. The limit is therefore mainly linked to the data we store online for you.

Download all crawl data

Tired of slow, over-complex interfaces?

SENTINEL lets you download all crawl data in 1 click.

The crawl archive contains numerous CSV files (TITLE, META DESCRIPTION, 404 etc...) as well as an error and opportunity report in XLS format. You'll also find all the graphics in PNG format in the archive.

View crawl data

A magnificent dashboard features a number of graphs, mainly pie charts, to help you understand the sometimes complex data at a glance.

Download a summary of the crawl report (CSV) or copy and paste it in 1 click.

Data retention & crawl history

Because it's often useful to be able to go back in time, we've made as much space as possible on our servers to bring you an irresistible offer:

  • 6 months data retention for L accounts
  • 12 months data retention for XL accounts

Crawl comparison

SENTINEL lets you compare 2 crawls of your choice in 1 click. 

Even better! SENTINEL automatically performs the comparison for you after each crawl, without you having to do a thing!

Even more features

Oseox SENTINEL evolves very quickly. Not all features are listed on this page...


$99.00 /Month
For all this 👇
  • ALERTING : 1 000 URL
  • MONITORING : 3 000 URL
  • SENTINEL : 10 Sites
  • RANKING : 2 000 Keywords
  • LINK : 1 000 URL
  • SITEMAP : 100 000 URL
  • HTTP : 50 000 URL
  • PING : 25 URL
  • DOMAIN : Included
  • BOX : Included
  • $ CREDITS : 25 000


$199.00 /Month
For all this 👇
  • ALERTING : 2 500 URL
  • MONITORING : 10 000 URL
  • SENTINEL : 25 Sites
  • RANKING : 3 000 Keywords
  • LINK : 2 500 URL
  • SITEMAP : 200 000 URL
  • HTTP : 150 000 URL
  • PING : 50 URL
  • DOMAIN : Included
  • BOX : Included
  • $ CREDITS : 30 000


$499.00 /Month
For all this 👇
  • ALERTING : 3 500 URL
  • MONITORING : 15 000 URL
  • SENTINEL : 50 Sites
  • RANKING : 10 000 Keywords
  • LINK : 5 000 URL
  • SITEMAP : 300 000 URL
  • HTTP : 250 000 URL
  • PING : 100 URL
  • DOMAIN : Included
  • BOX : Included
  • $ CREDITS : 100 000

Oseox LINK

$19.90 /Month
For all this 👇
  • LINK : 1 000 URL
  • DOMAIN : Included
  • BOX : Included


$24.90 /Month
For all this 👇
  • SENTINEL : 5 Sites
  • DOMAIN : Included
  • BOX : Included


$59.00 /Month
For all this 👇
  • ALERTING : 100 URL
  • MONITORING : 1 000 URL
  • SENTINEL : 2 Sites
  • LINK : 500 URL
  • SITEMAP : 50 000 URL
  • HTTP : 25 000 URL
  • PING : 5 URL
  • DOMAIN : Included
  • BOX : Included

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